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Vitasoy Production

In order to manufacture products of the highest quality, Vitasoy maintains state-of-the-art production facilities in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, and in Shenzhen and Shanghai in the Mainland China. Two plants are also operated in the United States for the North America tofu and soy-based products market and one plant is located in Victoria, Australia to produce high-quality soy beverages for the local mainstream market.

The Tuen Mun plant, built with an investment of HK$100 million in 1987, is a 34,000 square metre facility that houses the production lines, general office, product development, engineering and other supporting functions. Highly efficient, the plant is capable of producing and packaging huge volumes of Vitasoy products. Through the sales and distribution team in the Vitasoy Distribution Center, also located in Tuen Mun, the Group delivers millions of products every day to customers in Hong Kong and overseas markets.

In the Mainland China, Australia and the US, the Group maintains state-of-the-art facilities and like the Hong Kong plant operates them under strict quality assurance and control systems and procedure. Both plants in Hong Kong and Shenzhen have been awarded ISO 9001 accreditation, a testament to Vitasoy's quality commitment.

Known as a leader in innovation, Vitasoy invests heavily in product development to meet the challenge of creating new products for the Group's worldwide customer base.

In the United States, the Group has two wholly owned subsidiaries - Vitasoy USA Inc. and Nasoya Foods, Inc. on the west and east coasts respectively. Since 1998, Nasoya Foods, Inc. has been operating a new plant in Ayer, Massachusetts. Together with Vitasoy USA Inc. this 11,200 square-meter production facility, the largest of its kind in the US produces great-tasting soymilk drinks, tofu and tofu based products for the North America market.

With an area of 60,000 square metres, the plant in Australia commenced commercial production in July 2001. It carries production lines for Refrigerated Soymilk and UHT (ultra heat treated) SoyDrink to meet the rising demand for healthy soy products from consumers in Australia and New Zealand.