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Vitasoy Products

Since its establishment in 1940, Vitasoy International Holdings Limited has grown to become one of the world's leaders in providing healthy nutritious foods and beverages that enhance the quality of life for its customers.

The products marketed by Vitasoy are available under two major brands: VITASOY, a nutritious soy drink and tofu, and VITA, a range of dairy milk products, juice, teas, carbonated drinks, distilled water.

Both brands are sold widely in Hong Kong, North America, Mainland China, Macau, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and other markets throughout the world.

In North America, Vitasoy USA Inc. also offers a wide range of soy products under the brands of VITASOY, SAN SUI, NASOYA and AZUMAYA, including tofu, natural soy-based salad dressings, mayonnaise, desserts, pasta and noodles.

Soymilk drink has long been recognized for its nutritional value, and now research is showing how soy products can effectively lower cholesterol levels, fight cancer and build healthy bones.

This is one reason why Vitasoy products have become so popular with health-conscious consumers everywhere. The other is simply the good wholesome taste loved by anyone, anywhere who appreciates the high quality of Vitasoy products.